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Reasons for Establishing KUT Humility Management Course

Kochi University of Technologytakes another step forward in Education Research and Contributions tothe Community.

@Since its founding in 1997, KUT finally has reached its 10th anniversary. Since opening, we have stressed the importance of self-motivation, interdisciplinary studies, and taking a systematic approach to problems to further promote the development of creative engineering specialists. Additionally, wefve conducted research and training activities that directly involve the local community.
@We consider the Department of Management Studies to be indispensible in to make the best of education and research activities to consistently turn out individuals who can contribute to society in meaningful ways. We are currently developing an education program aimed at training students to possess management innovation skills necessary to succeed in societal and business affairs.
@Accordingly, KUT will develop a new structure consisting of the Engineering Department and the newly developed Management Department. Hereafter, both departments will aim to have mutually complimentary education and research facilities, and practical research opportunities related to management issues.
@The goal is to develop this new program to train talented individuals, contribute to and promote local area businesses, revitalize regional communities, and manage regional natural environments.