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Why KUT?@Four Significances

mreasons1nProminent Educational and Research Achievements in the Realm of Management Studies

Actual Results

@Since establishment, KUT has proceeded with various advanced issues in the realm of Management Studies.
@In 1999 the Engineering Department opened its graduate-level gEntrepreneurship Courseh. This course was the first of its kind in Japan, and was selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a g21st Century COE Programh in 2004.
@These pioneering efforts have made waves in the university and engineering worlds, and could be said to be a new approach that spans gScientific Cultureh (Engineering, Scientific Techniques) and gHumanistic Cultureh (Society, Economics). Furthermore, with attention to the importance of Management of Technology, KUT is concentrating on training specialists possessing practical and technical knowledge, business people with unique perspectives, managers with marketing sense, and specialists possessing industrialization faculties.
@The new Management Department is the inevitable, concrete result of KUTfs founding ideas gStarting now, Japan Will Go on to Change the Worldh and gBuilding a Future Society Abundant with Loveh.