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Humanities related  Management Faculty, Founded in April, 2008.

@Since its founding 10 years ago, KUT has expressed its motto, gA university like none other in Japanh, in its educational curriculum, research programs, and local area involvement. In 1999, we established Japanfs first engineering graduate course in Entrepreneurship. In 2004, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology selected our proposal for a new field of study called gSociety Management Systemsh as its g21st Century COE Programh. This proposal focused on research aimed at fusing disciplines of engineering and social sciences in order to help shape societal systems prepared to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. And then, in 2007, we began another flexible and specialized course called the gFrontier Education Programh, which also involves crossing over into, and fusing with many other fields of study.

@The challenges facing modern human society are both complex and closely related to each other. Itfs clear that a comprehensive solution must be sought out when dealing with issue such as environmental problems. These solutions involve not just science and technology, but also politics, economy, and society at large. Itfs said that there is an urgent need in for training individuals with advanced management skills to successfully manage projects and handle problems that arise therein. Of course this is true for businesses, but also for municipal governments, regional communities, and international NPOs.

@In response to these modern demands, KUT has established its new Department of Management to make the most of a decadefs worth of results from of KUTfs education, research, and societal contributions, and to support the 21st century by training individuals to possess both advanced management skills and the ideals necessary to lead.

@gStarting now, Japan will go on to change the world.h
@Kochi University of Technology will begin a fresh start to further expand that motive.